SH Consulting LLC’s (SHC) members are Debbi​e Hi​​raoka​, and Jodi Hashimoto

Debbie is a co-founder of SHC, a Certified Public Accountant (not active), and a Certified Management Accountant (not active) who has over 30 years of experience in information​ system planning, selection and implementations, process redesign, financial analysis, healthcare revenue cycle improvement, healthcare corporate compliance and project management. ​

Debbie has managed projects involving departmental and large-scale state-wide information systems implementation and selection and revenue cycle performance improvement projects. She is knowledgeable of Medicare and State of Hawaii Medicaid billing requirements and related reimbursement. Debbie has an MBA from the University of Hawaii.

​​Jodi​ has over 20 years of consulting experience and an educational background in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.She has worked with healthcare organizations and government entities on performance improvement, financial analysis, system implementations, healthcare corporate compliance reviews and healthcare revenue cycle improvement. Jodi has managed projects for multi-facility health systems to design and implement revenue cycle improvements to achieve reductions in accounts receivable, improve cash flow and reduce expenses. Jodi has an Executive MBA from the University of Hawaii.​

The breadth of our experience and cli​ent base in healthcare provides us with a clear understanding of the issues confronting the healthcare industry and the operational concerns of both the provider and payor segments. Our experience in government and small business has provided us with good insight into the business environment in Hawaii and the significant issues and challenges unique to the market.​


Debbie Hiraoka 

Jodi Hashimoto

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