Specific services provided include:

  • ​Developing financial models to estimate revenues and costs of services, programs, departments and subsidiaries
  • Assisting with the financial analysis and evaluation of new and existing services, programs, departments and subsidiaries
  • Compiling historic and projected demographic, socio-economic and utilization data to estimate future demand for services
  • Assisting with cost benefit studies and value propositions for existing and proposed projects
  • Assisting with the preparation of State Certificate of Need applications
  • Facilitating planning sessions including assisting with the development of session objectives, gathering of pertinent information, preparing advance information packets, developing preliminary models for discussion and organizing and conducting the sessions and documenting the decisions
  • Assisting with the selection and design of decision support systems including the design of reports, cost allocation methodology and analysis of fixed and variable cost relationships
  • Identifying the operational impacts related to implementation of new services
  • Developing detailed workplans for implementation of new services or programs, including identifying critical dependencies
  • Developing database models to capture information for on-going planning and evaluation of operations, services and programs.

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Financial Analysis and Planning

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