We have assisted our clients with the following:

  • ​Developing a program management office that has overall responsibility for managing a portfolio of projects
  • Conducting project management training​
  • Conducting training on effective use of Microsoft Project
  • Developing and deploying project management tool-sets, including:
    • Issues tracking database
    • Project workplans
    • Milestone tracking database
    • Project reporting tools, including status reports and flash reports
  • Developing business cases including
    • Project objectives and scope
    • Project workplans
    • Project organization charts
    • Cost benefit analysis including one-time and recurring costs
    • Risk assessments
  • Assisting with implementation of a knowledge repository
  • Assisting with running the project management office, including assisting project managers with updating project workplans, Issue tracking and milestone tracking
  • Assisting with budget to actual expense tracking and financial reporting
  • Assisting with analyzing go no go decisions on go-live
  • Assisting with developing a detailed go-live plan
  • Assisting with identifying risk mitigation strategies for go-live

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Project Management

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