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Jodi Hashimoto, Partner

​Jodi is a Partner at SH Consulting LLC. She has over 20 years of experience in consulting with an educational background in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Jodi has worked with healthcare organizations and government entities on performance improvement, compliance reviews, financial analysis, and system implementation projects. She has extensive experience in the revenue cycle from admitting through charge capture, billing, collections and follow-up. Former experience includes 4 years with Ernst & Young and 3 years with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.


Performance Improvement​

  • ​Worked with a large health system including a hospital and multiple clinics to develop future state processes for patient financial services in preparation for the implementation of an integrated clinical and billing system. Facilitated design sessions to identify how to incorporate leading practices and leverage the new technology. Developed future state processes, policies and procedures, including desktop references, and provided training to patient financial services staff.
  • Served as the project manager for the implementation of an accounts receivable management program which included contract monitoring and resolution of payment denials. Recorded annualized cash collection improvements of $2 million.
  • Served as project team leader for a project to reengineer support services functions to achieve a recurring expense reduction/income gain of $8 million. Performed current state process modeling and cost analysis, process value analysis, facilitated client redesign teams, and designed future state processes to eliminate non-value added functions, decrease cycle times, and increase customer satisfaction. Developed and conducted project team training on process analysis. Coordinated the resource needs for the overall project.
  • Worked with a large organization with multiple sites and operations in two states on a performance improvement project that included the design and implementation of 16 support services initiatives throughout the organization. Served as the team leader responsible for developing the design of two of the initiatives. Served as the implementation manager in partnership with a client executive at one of the sites to oversee the implementation of the 16 improvement initiatives. System-wide results included 28 days reduction in accounts receivable and cash improvement of $94 million.
  • Worked with an organization to establish a task force with representatives from key departments to identify opportunities for improvement in support services operations, prioritize initiatives, develop business cases and implementation plans.
  • Performed a revenue cycle assessment of a large academic physician practice plan including documenting current state processes, performing a sample review of outstanding claims, facilitating a day-long work session to validate current state and gather improvement ideas, and identify and prioritize significant opportunities for improvement.

Corporate Compliance

  • ​Provided assistance to organizations under audit by the government by performing an independent review of the areas under focus, researching regulatory requirements, documenting findings, developing work plans for self disclosure protocols, conducting statistically valid sampling, calculating the financial impact, and providing support for settlement discussions.
  • Performed reviews for multiple organizations to determine if billings were performed appropriately for specific areas. Identified root causes for issues identified and recommended follow-up actions. Developed financial models for calculating payments and determining the financial impact to the organization.
  • Assisted with the development, training and implementation of corrective actions for systemic compliance issues. Conducted periodic reviews of client billings to validate that corrective processes are being followed.
  • Assisted an organization under a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) with the development of policies and procedures and training as required by the CIA. Conducted training for all of the staff, executives and board members in the system.
  • Assisted an organization with the development of revenue cycle compliance checklists used to assess the compliance of each region. Reviewed regional responses to checklists and provided feedback as to whether objectives were met.

Financial Analysis

  • ​Developed an operational budget and financial model to prepare the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flow for a new healthcare facility. Also revised the operational budget and financial statements for the existing facility to reflect shared costs with the new facility.
  • Assisted in the financial analysis and development of a contract negotiation strategy for a hospital to participate in a state Medicaid managed care program. The project included the development of a financial model to calculate fully allocated costs for the target population.

Data Analysis

  • ​Combined charge information for a health system from four information systems to provide cumulative reports for cost reporting purposes. Developed database programs and performed data manipulation and analysis to compile the information using database software and Excel. Converted data from text and other formats into data tables.
  • Combined detailed patient account information with medical abstract data files to analyze usage and payment information. Based on the data compiled using database software, calculated the payment information for the population and identified focus areas for further follow-up.
  • Related to compliance reviews, compiled and analyzed data related to paid claims and charge data to determine population characteristics, identify the universe of affected claims and select random samples. Used database software and Excel to manipulate and analyze data.

System Implementations

  • ​Worked with a government program to implement an information system including the transfer of support services functions from the current entity to a new organization. Assisted with facilitating meetings between the transitioning parties and developed a transition work plan. Assisted with the development of new processes, policies and procedures for functions to be transitioned to the new entity.
  • Worked on a fast track implementation (4 months) of a new health plan including the implementation of an information system to support the business. Developed six electronic data interchanges (EDIs) between various internal and external systems which included completing the EDI specifications, coordinating the programming, developing the test plan and test cases, conducting the system testing, and resolving issues. Developed a comprehensive manual of the EDIs explaining the purpose, logic, and analysis reports for each EDI. First year cost savings were $900,000 with recurring savings of $900,000.


​Healthcare Financial Management Association – Member, Past President of the Hawaii Chapter
University of Hawaii Shidler College of Business Alumni Board – Director
University of California at Berkeley Alumni Association of Hawaii – Director of Finance


​B.S., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, University of California at Berkeley
M.B.A., University of Hawaii, Executive Program

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